Office Romance Sex on a WebCAM

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Office Romance Sex on a WebCAM

Swetha is my administrative assistant in a hyderabad based IT company, the friendship between us blossomed in last one month and we spent a day alone in my apartment just before my visit to USA.

she was shy about sex and reluctant to open in our first sexcapade, i was able to make some progress but she was stopped short of taking me inside. Swetha is 33 yrs old, married, with a kid, she is good looking and a very efficient administrator, she manages her time extremely well between office, home and now office romance.

I was in US when i recieved a email on my blackberry asking for chatting with webcam, in the evening and her morning we connected through yahoo and started the cam, swetha took some time to adjust the focus and then she came in view, she was wearing a flimsy nightgown which was covering her tiny tits. the camera was focussing on the bed showing a full view of stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv her body. she was lying on the /bad/">bad wearing the headphone for a voice chat.

She was alone in her bedroom having sent her kid to mothers place, her husband is out on business to another city. It was around six in the evening and i was alone in my hotel room, the studio room was nice and cosy. it had a double bed with a soft mattress at one corner next to window and a study table and chair at the end of small corridor which contains the bathroom door, left from the corridor was a small functioning kitchen which houses a refrigerater and hot plate.

I was sitting on the bed in my shorts and Tshirt , though it is close to zero outside hotel room, inside it is sufficient warm due to the heater. I kept the laptop on bed and we started talking about usual stuff.

Swetha was lying on white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie a double bed facing the camera which was fixed on something high as it was showing me a wider view of the entire bed. her face was raised up looking towards the webcam, and her cleavage was visible below the low cut nightgown. she was probably not wearing anything inside.
her nightie was just about covering her thighs and she was moving her feets up and down while talking to me.

"Wow, you are looking very sexy in this nightgown"
"My husband gifted this last week"
"I want to kiss you .."
"Come here then, who told you to go there"

"Dumb girl, you didnt let me do anything when i was there, you are very slow" i chided her for our last meeting.
"And you are very fast, you want everything on the first day" swetha replied giggling.
"Ok, now next time if you stop me, i will show you my power" she giggled again.

We talked a few romantic things for some time then i asked her to remove her night gown which she didnt agree,

"Please, remove it, i am so further away "
"Ok , give me a minute" and she disappeared from the view.

she came back in a few minutes, her hairs were wet and she was wrapped in a towel, making her look ravishing, the water was dripping from hairs which were spread over her barely hidden breasts, the towel was small barely reaching just her /butts/">butts, it was also not a wrap arround one as she needed to hold it from one of her hand else it will fell down.

She lied on the bed again facing opposite to cam, i pleaded her to remove the towel, this time she removed it dispaying her naked body from top to bottom. her smooth skin was visible through the webcam, her breasts were hidden but i can see the outline, her shapes were neat and hairless, she seems to have worked out since i last met her. there was a neat wave like structure visible through the webcam which made me horny, my hand was resting on my tool which was making its presence felt below the shorts.
the wave started from her cheecks moving up towards the shoulders , then moving down on side of her breasts , going further down to display her thin waist, rising again on her buttocks and then coming down on her nicely shaven leg, the parting of her arse was neatly ending on her thighs.

my hand started rocking the penis, i was touching the top of the tool circling the tip with my hand. i have removed my t shirt and now sitting in just my shorts.

"Now Please turn towards me"

She started turning slowly, hiding her tits with her hand, she was feeling shy but was enjoying the show. she was now facing the cam fully, her eyes were closed and her tits were covered by her hands. her vagina was out of view because her legs were wrapped, only a hint of black hair was visible near the cavity.
"Now massage your boobs"
She was reluctant but after a few minutes of cajoling she agreed, swetha was a simple village girl who never learnt the art of masturbation, so i took up the challenge on myself and guided her on how to do this. after a few pinches she relaxed and started enjoying this. now i asked her to spread her legs and put a finger between her cavity. she complied and put a pillow on back, her legs were now showing a grass land with a small rose in the center, she is now all by herself and fingering slowly and then moving fast, first there was one and then in no time two fingers went in, i was now finding the short a hurdle and removed my tool in full view of her.

i asked swetha to have a look and my tool and imagining it inside her, she closed her eyes and started rocking in and out, i can easily spot the line of juice flowing out of her moist pussey, my hand was now moving faster and faster, and in a minute i exploded on the bed, swetha also climaxed soon and covered herself once she came to her senses. the whole experience was great and this was my first internet sex and i enjoyed it.

I told swetha about my plan for coming back, i was reaching hyderabad on saturday and we had time till monday for a meeting, she agreed and i booked a hotel near airport and drifted away dreaming about the upcoming adventure.
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