Cold Revenge

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Cold Revenge

Marissa opened her eyes. The pain in her head was terrible. The light from the single bright bulb stung.
She slowly accustomised to the light and could make out bare brickwork. She felt cold and naked.

She became aware that she was seated and that her hands were tied behind her and her ankles tightly bound. She looked down at the plastic tag hloding her ankles and saw that only the black, lace top hold ups and the black heels remained of the clothes she had been wearing.

Marissa panicked and a wave of intense heat surged through her. Where the fuck was she?

"Ah. Were awake!" sexxxx video ful hd came a cold, calm voice from behind her. Marissa tried to call out but the tight gag in her mouth prevented her.
"I dont suppose youve ever felt helpless bfore Marissa. Awful isnt it?" the voice intoned "Now lets make sure I have your full attention."

There was a sudden tug at her neck and a gentle squeel as a pully turned. She felt herself being pulled upward. Her /feet/">feet sranbled in panick as her heels slid on the concrete floor but she managed to get to her feet as the rope continued rise.

It came to a halt with just a little pressure around her throat as cold fingers rested against her sides and caressed the warm inviting skin.
"You thought you could take her away and leave me with nothing." Shit it was Steve, Louises creepy husband. Her eyes widened in panick. "You thought Id just let you take away my wife, my whole world, as if it didnt matter. You were so wrong Marissa. So wrong."

She felt his breath as he took in the perfume of her deep brown, beautifully kaept hair. "Ofcourse I can understand why she fell for you." he whispered "I would have."
The pully turned again and marissa felt the noose pull on her soft neck and she stood on her toes. "Must be dificult in those heels. You were always too vain for your own good."
His hands slid over her smooth skin to her firm breasts. They felt warm and heavy. He masged them gently and terror ran through her as her small dark nipples involuntarily hardened to his touch.
"So perhaps" Steve whispered "I should take something from you. Its only fair."

Marissas heart pounded as she felt him against her back. There was no mistaking his intentions. Shit she thought. Hes fucking /crazy/">crazy!
"I always wondered if Id get to do this with you behind her back. Spent many nights thinking about it." his hands reaching down to her tight buttocks "Never guessed youd take her away instead." spreading them. Her chest rose and fell strongly as he began to press himself between them. She let out a stifled cry as he forced his way into her.

The pain was excruciating and tears ran down her cheeks as he slowly started to grind himself into her unexplored cavity. She felt wee and utterly helpless. Her stomach convulsed at the violation.
"Isnt this just perfect Marissa?" The pully screetched again and her heels were lifted off the ground. "Now I get to have you and her." He laughed.
His hands gripped her hips pulling her onto him. The burning of what he was doing was now nothing to the pounding of her heart as she fought for breath. But no breath would come. "Ofcourse shell come to me for comfort when youre gone Marissa."

Blind terror ran through her, the sweat pouring from her body. As she fought off the darkness, her body sarted to twitch against her will and a warm flow of urine ran down her black nylon clad thighs.
The world had gone and she xxx sex video download free com could only hear the deafening thumpinging of her own heart and the quickening of his breathing, as Steve drained himself into her and Marissa Anna Hemmingway helplessly descended into the deepest darkness.