Filler Up

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Filler Up

 It had been nearly a year since it had all started. The emails back and forth, late night text messages, and the pictures’Ohhhh, the pictures. It had taken me nearly 2 months to get her to send me one. Well, one like I wanted. I remember the very first one she had sent. She was /gorgeous/">gorgeous. Black hair, dark eyes, tan skin, and cleavage as deep as the San Fernando Valley. She had great tits. It didn’t take me no time to get her to show me them puppies, But I really wanted to see that /pussy/ass-pussy/pussy-and-ass/">pussy and ass. Now here it is almost a year later and I’m finally going to get to see her, and I mean all of her. I convinced her to send me some pictures of herself in the lingerie I had bought for bokep sma pecah perawan her. I loved the way the black silk panties looked riding low on her hips, and the shiny black piece of material peeking out the top of her ass was divine. I wished it was my tongue stuck between her ass cheeks instead of that thong. She always dressed in what I sent her, but I couldn’t get her to show me that glorious pussy that stayed hidden behind the outfits I gave her. She said ’Good things come to those who wait.’ I’m glad I don’t have to wait anymore.

When I heard the light rap on the hotel door, my dick jumped harder then my heart did. I couldn’t wait to see this woman in person. When I opened the door, there she stood, all of 5’6, her long black hair cascading down over her enormous boobs, hidden by a black halter top. Her skirt was short, and the threads in the denim were working overtime to hold such a snug fit on her round ass and full hips. That’s about all I could take in before she lunged through the doorway and threw her arms around my neck. Her pink stained lips devoured my mouth before I even had the chance to say ’Hello’. Its alright though. I think we had done enough talking building up to this moment. She was everything I could have asked for. Whatever I wanted, she wanted to give me’.and I wanted this hot woman to fuck me’yeah, fuck me. We had talked about it right much. I had been waiting for this day since before I met her. I’m not a queer, or at least I don’t think I am. I /love/love-pussy/">love pussy. I love the way it smells and taste and feels, but damnit if I didn’t long to have something long and hard in my ass. She told me she had something for me when I confided in her that that was one of my fetishes. When I first seen her strap-on, I got to say, I was a little intimidated. Now here in this room I cant wait to see it.

She told me to sit down while she got ready. My dick was already throbbing from the anticipation so I slipped my jeans off and sat there with my cock standing straight up in my boxers. The lights went out. I started to say ’What the fuck?’ but barely got the ’What’ out when I felt her hand run through the top of my hair. Then she grabbed a fistful of it and in the sultriest voice I’d ever heard said, ’Suck my Dick.’ Now in the games we had played over the net and phone, I had always planned to resist her cramming her strap-on down my throat’Yeah, that’s not what happened. When she cranked my head back, my mouth opened up and there it went’.right into my mouth. I was shocked at how real it felt. She had always promised me old waman xxxgx the best of the best with the /toys/">toys, but DAMN! I had to wonder if this was the one that she had that would make it possible for her to cum in my ass? I never thought I would like a cock tapping on the back of my throat but that’s what I was getting and fuck if it weren’t making my dick hurt. The precum was oozing out of my head and had left a wet spot that felt like I had peed my boxers.

After I had gagged on her girl dick enough times to satisfy her, she shoved me backwards onto the bed, then slipped my boxers off. I felt her strap-on bump my leg and it sent a jolt through my rod. I nearly cum. What was she doing now? I have to say, I don’t really like the idea of the lights being off, but she has the control now so there’s not much I can do. When its my turn to fuck her I’m going to turn ever light on in this fucking hotel room. Ahhh, I see now. She was sliding the panties I had bought her up my thighs. Yeah, I like that too. Its another fetish. There’s just something about that silk against my dick that drives me wild. I wondered which pair she was putting on me. ’Ok /bitch/">bitch, You better not dirty your panties.’ I knew what that meant. It was just another one of our games. With that, she had me on my knees. Now right now I’m suppose to be refusing to do anything she says but just like before, when she made me her cocksucker, I’m bent over begging to be her bitch. When she slipped my panties down off my ass just far enough to stick her tongue in me, I about lost it. I know I’m not allowed to cum yet so I grasp my dick at the base and squeezed until the urge had past. I don’t know how much more I can take. I like her tongue in my ass but I’m aching to have her shove that dildo in and ream me.

I didn’t even have to say anything. Its like she read my mind. I could feel the saliva running down my ass and I waiting impatiently as she got behind me. When I felt the head rub against my /asshole/">asshole I pushed back on it. I wanted it in me right then. Damn that thing was big. I had fucked myself a few times with the dildo I had, but mine was nowhere this big. It felt so good sliding into my ass. I wanted her balls deep so I pushed back as far as I could. That’s when I felt them. Her nuts. Yeah, those nuts were too real. When she thrust into me, I felt them slap mine. What the Hell?? Does she have a /real/real-cock/">real cock? My mind was going everywhere. I was so turned on and freaked out at the same time. That’s when she said, ’ You like that? How does it feel to have my /cock/hot-cock/">hot cock buried in your ass Bitch?’ Hell, all I could muster was a groan. This shit is too good to be true. She knows how /bad/">bad I want my ass filled with cum and here it is. I think its going to happen. I think she has a /real/real-fucking/">real fucking dick.

Between the slurping sounds of my ass sucking on this bitchs dick, my groans, and her moans I shouted that I wanted her to /ass/ass-cum/cum-in-my-ass/">cum in my ass. I guess this will be the tell all. She started fucking me harder. Every thrust was brutal but she could have fucked my head trough the wall and I wouldn’t have stopped her. All I wanted was to cum and feel her filling my ass with hers at the same time. I said, ’I’m gonna cum!’ She said, ’Me too!’ with that I blew my load inside of the panties. I felt what I thought was the last spurt shoot out of my cock, then I felt her /ass/ass-cum/fill-my-ass-with-cum/">fill my ass with cum. Hell Fucking YES!!! She blew her juices all over my insides and next thing I knew my dick was spewing cum again. She pulled out and leaned over and flipped the light switch on. I looked back at her but I couldn’t see her dick. She sat there on her knees admiring my gapping hole and the cum running out of it, then she said ’ Oh my, you dirtied your panties Bitch. Clean them.’ Next thing I knew she had them off of me and shoved in my mouth. I was sucking the cum out of them when I looked down and seen her stroking her cock’..Yup, a /mother/big-mother/">big mother fucking dick. No wonder she wouldn’t let me see her with her panties off. I guess good things do come to those who wait.