Long Lost Love

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
Long Lost Love

It had been 7 years since she had seen him last. He walked into the bar and when she turned to face the door he almost fainted! He was as pale as a ghost! One motion of the finger and she was at his side. Their past was so troubled. Their relationship started as friends just growing up together and their mothers were friends. Then when she was going through a divorce he was there for her...he was the only one who was there for her. What started as a great friendship became a hot, steaming, secret affair. They worked together and had mutal friends, but weren't ready to be public. He came to her house late at night and left before dawn. Their love was nothing shy of passionate! The chemistry was amazing! Everytime he came to the door she quivered with antisipation. Just him holding her made her wet. One night it was unexspected and he came through the unlocked door and woke her by pushing her off the couch onto the floor...she was shocked and aroused at the same time. Then right in the middle of a heated petting session...he got up and went to the freezer! She was curious, but didn't ask any questions. He came back to her with that devilish look in his eye and hand hidden behind his back. He knelt down above her and kissed her with so much intensity that she shivered all over!

He kissed her lips, he kissed her neck, he kissed her breast, he kissed her stomach, working his way to her slippery ...then as she closed her eyes to enjoy what was about to happen...she felt cold and then warm??? It was his tounge with an ice cube on it!! In and out, up and down!!! She couldn't help but let out a scream! Minute after minute...she hoped it wouldn't end! When she was about to burst...she took control and pushed him back and started real forced anal against her will to suck his throbbing cock! Harder and harder...faster and faster!! Then before she knew it she was on her back again and he was thrusting his rock into her! He held her hands above her head so she couldn't move. It was rough and dominating just like she wanted it! "" she cried! and he did. Pumping and thrusting for more than an hour! Sweat poured off of both of was so intense he grabbed her neck strong, but not hurtful. Then things got more heated!!! It was what she had fantisised about for a long time. The next morning he was gone. It was a few weeks before she heard from him again. By then she had to tell him what had happened in those weeks.

She had been to the and she was ! At the time she thought that he would be mad and never speak to her agian. After all they were young and not in a serious relationship, she was going through a nasty divorce and didn't think he wanted anything more than a "friends with benifets" kinda thing with her. She made the decision on her own (without him knowing anything) to have an abortion. After a while they ran into eachother and she had a few drinks and fessed up to what she had done! He was furious! He stormed out and she didn't hear from him anymore....untill......

It was December 20th. 5 days before Christmas. Out with some friends she went back to that town, where all her memories were. Sitting at the bar with a friend she heard the door...when she turned, it was him! He fell back into a poker machine and went pale as a ghost! He motioned with his finger for her to come to him. It only took a second before she was at his side. He grabbed her an hugged her as xnxxv sunny leone video tight as he could. She was so glad that he wasn't still mad. Instantly the chemistry was back. Kissing and flirting. It was just like before. He left soon after with her phone number. Not knowing she was married with 4 children. He called the next day and she couldn't resist calling back.

From then was long conversations and heavy flirting. Trying to concentrate on the holidays she went about her busniness.

Christmas Day he called and text her all day long. The conversations got dirtier and dirtier. Her Husband paid no attenion to her. When they go home her husband passed out and couldn't be woken. Then he called!!! "Let me come get you" he said. and before she knew it she said "ok". Minutes later she was in the car with him and his hand on her thigh. They kissed and talked and decided to go for a drink. After only 2 beers, they had to go to his place. The heat between them was incredible! Upstairs they went as fast as they could. Clothes were flying off and doors slamming! They couldn't keep their hands off eachother. It was just as passionate as it was 7 years ago! She didn't want it to end. He was even better with his tounge now and he knew just how to make her quiver and shake. Turning her on all fours and grabbing her hair slightly, he pussed himself into her softly and then harder..and harder...faster...faster...faster!!! Till she let out a howling scream and squirted all over him!