The most exciting night of my life 2

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The most exciting night of my life 2

When Tracy has recovered enough from her /orgasm/hard-orgasm/">hard orgasm, I go back to work trimming her pussy. I have trim off almost all of the longer hair surrounding that /sweet/">sweet and fragrant cunt of hers with the clipper. I go over to the basin I brought in and squeezed out the small towel, bringing it over to the bed. She is half sitting up now watching what I plan to do. I can see the hardness of her nipples as they stick out at me. I have no choice, I have to take a nipple and put it in my mouth to suck on it! Then I begin to rub the other one. She yells at me: "Hey, watch what you are doing I dont want you to hurt or cut me down there." I smile and bend down and kiss and lick her tit making her nipple even longer. Then after a few minutes I move back to her pussy.

I move the lamp on to the bed and between her thighs so I can see what Im doing better. I move it in towards her pussy so we can both see what her cunt is going to look like once I shave it. The light shines on her dark skin and I can see a little pink shining out at me from the center of her slit! I touch her directly in the center of her snatch with my finger and slowly slide it all the way in. She moans as she feels it enter her. I bring it out. She watches me put it in my mouth and suck her juices off of it! I then place the towel on her pussy. The towel is warm and she tells me how nice it feels down there! I put my hand on it and rub slowly. I use it to on the stubble to soften it before I shave it. When I pull it up and off her sweet cunt, I cant resist kissing each of her swollen lips before applying another warm towel back on it. She watches me and while we wait for the towel to work, she see how hard my cock is and starts to play with it. There is a pre-cum drop in the hole in the cock head and she takes her finger and removes it! As sexy as she can be she smiles and puts her finger in her mouth and lick off the cum. I moan as her full lips sucking on the finger. I move my body around and straddle her as I kneel in from of her. My cock is pointing at her face and she asks me: "What do you want me to do baby?" Again I moan and tell her: "Suck it baby! Suck my cock! I need to cum so /bad/">bad!! Suck it for me and help me cum baby! Suck my cock baby with those full lips! Mummmmm of fuck thats it baby! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

As the towel is moistening and softening her pussys hair, I maintain my position kneeling in front of her! Her hands wrap around my cocks thick shaft and begins to pump back and forth. As my cock grows to its full length, the cock head gets closer and closer to her waiting mouth. She sticks out her tongue and licks around the head until I cant stand it any longer and I push into her. The head disappears into her mouth and I see her cheeks cave in as the sucking she gives me is tremendous. My cock feels like its made of iron now as her hands pump the shaft and her full lips cover the head of my cock and moves it around in her mouth! Her tongue feels like silk now as it licks around the head and part of the shaft! Harder and harder she suck on it as it grows in her mouth! Her other hand cups my balls and rubs them gently as she pumps the long shaft sticking in her face! As I begin to pump into her mouth fucking it, I moan and she moans. I cant hold back any long! The pain and pleasure of wanting to cum is so strong!! I cant hold it any longer!!! I yell out: OH fuck!!! Im cumming baby! Suck it!! Suck it harder! OH god yes!! SUCK ME BABY! YES!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" And, I begin to shoot my load into her mouth. The cum keeps pumping as I keep pump and she keeps sucking! Now, I flood her mouth with cum! There is so much cum, that she cant drink it fast enough! The cum runs out the corners of her mouth circling around the hard shaft as my cock pumps into her face and my balls hit her chin. The cum runs down over her chin and on to those full tits with their nipples hard as rocks against my knees! Her hand is pumping my shaft as fast as she can move it, and her mouth sucks so hard I think she is pulling the cum out instead of me shooting it!! God its so good, I fall backwards on to the bed!! I collapse on to the bed and her mouth follows me as her hand holds my cock deep in her mouth!! She finishes me off by taking all my cock down her throat until my cock hair touches her face! Her mouth has followed my cock and she never takes her lips off my dick. As I fall back on the bed she straddles me now and keeps on sucking all of my cock in her mouth and down her throat. She suck and sucks until it goes soft! God it is so good. Her mouth is like magic and I can never hold back cumming, when she is sucking me like she does, for more than a few minutes! Finally after a long time my cock pops out of her mouth and she moves up and kisses me sticking her tongue into my mouth and letting me taste my own cum!! We hold each other for a, long time.

But now, its time for me to finish my job and clean all the hair off her pussy. I move us around again until Im back between her open legs moving the light around as I go. The light is great and helps me see just how beautiful her shaved pussy is close up! her slit is about the length of my index finger and because she is dark the pink looks almost red as I part her lips. I kiss each side one and pull them with my teeth. Then I lick straight up the center of that slit. The tip of my tongue slide in her opening and I begin to lick directly on the pink inside. Her hands moves to my head and she groan out with pleasure as I lick deeper and deeper inside her pussy. Finally, I put my tongue directly in her cunt hole. Licking around she begins ro rock against my face with her pelvis. I move my tongue out of her hole and up to the top of her slit and under her clit hood!! I insert two fingers into her now and begin to finger her until I feel her body moving faster and faster to my touch! I say: "Woo baby! I shave you first and when Im done baby, Ill do you good. Like you just did me! OK? Ill eat you and make you cum when Im finish! Ill eat you until you scream!! I promise! But I want to finish first!" She moan and let my head go!

I have her wiggling and wanting more of it! I go up each leg with my hands and feel her shiver as I see her skin shake. Then I stroke the inside of each thigh until I get to the towel. I lift the towel and I can see her juices covering the outside of the lips holding her pussy! I love it when she is this worked up! Her pussy is wet almost all of the time anyway! But, her pussy almost drips with wetness when she is this worked up!. I take the towel off and feel the hair, soft now! I caress each of her very swollen pussy lips with my fingers. I can feel the warm, slippery wetness and I taste her with my fingers. Her musk is driving me /crazy/">crazy now as I move my mouth about 2 inches from her hole and blow warm air all around her pussy! I tell her: "Now for your shave baby! Now I make your pussy look like its 10 years old. And then Im going to lick and suck it until I make you scream! Then were going to fuck!! Fuck like we have never fucked before!"

I just knelt there for a minute while I work the shaving cream in. My cock is already at attention again and I know Ill need relief very soon! I want to full that bald pussy of hers with my cum! I want to see the white cum on her dark skin. God Im so worked up from this!! As I begin to shave her pussy, my fingers again have to move and cover almost every square inch of Tracys /pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy! It is driving her crazy as I slowly move the shaver and my fingers all around her sex!! Every finger and both thumbs have been inside her pussy at one time or the other or helping to hold her open while I finish shaving her. She is worked up bad! I know, since I can hear her breathing get faster and her breasts rise and fall faster and faster. And, her cunt is dripping wet! She is minutes from orgasming again! She leans over and kisses the head of my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock and let it slide into her warm wet mouth. She begins working on it again! She sucks on it for a few minutes until she tastes my pre-cum! Then she stops!! She whispers in a very deep panting type voice: "Fuck me baby! Shave me later Fuck me now!! Oh god I need to fuck you now!!!! But, Im finish and quickly clean the remaining shaving cream off her brown body! I then use the towel to rinse and clean off the rest of the white shaving cream. Again she pants out to me as she moans: "Fuck!!! Fuck me baby! Oh shit dont keep me porn videos download in this way!! Fuck me with that hard white cock! NOW !I need fucking now!! FUCK ME!!!" I move up and when I have the head of xxx my cock even with her /pussy/pussy-hole/">pussy hole, I insert my cock all the way into her pussy with one hard push! She cries out and Her legs fly up around my waist as her ass begins to pump and pump and pump up at me like a devil in heat! Her body pumps and grinds into me as I thrust down into her /wet/hot-wet/">hot wet and bald pussy! She is moaning and crying out: "Fuck me YES! OH god1! YES!! FUCK ME!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! As my cock continues to ram into her again, again, and again! I slam deep into her pussy with each thrust. I want her body to /climax/">climax for me fast! I want her to achieve a drain blowing orgasm for me. But, now the cum building in my balls needs to come out and in seconds we both let our bodies take over and the animal movements begin to happen!!! As we move together we both move towards climaxing! She hits hers first, and screams as she cums! Her ass lifts us both up off the bed and we seem to be hanging there in air supported by her shoulders, neck head and /feet/">feet! As her hips move her pelvis against me in that motion we all love as we fuck, my cock is buried deep in her body one second and then just the head as her body moves away for a second. Then my cock is back all the way inside her and my balls are banging against her ass!!! Im fucking her as fast as a I can move now pumping into her again and again and again! She is going wild and is really fucking me back. Then the first shot of cum flies out of my cock and goes deep inside her body. When she feels the warm fluid it makes her move even faster as the heat of my juice gives her more heat. We move like animals now as we finish our orgasm together!! We both strain hard to keep the last pulse of orgasm going and our bodies lock tight against each other n mid air for a very long time. Finally we both collapse on the bed!! As we lay there panting like two tired dogs, I feel her legs slowly slide down my body and fall on the bed! I kiss her and stick my tongue into her mouth! She suck on it gently as we rest! We are both finished for now, but the weekend has just started!! :))

When I finish, I take her hand and move it to her pussy! "When she gets up later she cant take her eyes off of her cunt when she checks it out in the mirror. But, for now she feels how smooth it is down there ", I tell her. She feel her pussy area and smiles. She tells me that feels nice baby! So smooth like a babys!! I sit there just looking at her bald cunt and see her /cunt/large-cunt/">large cunt lips swollen and wet from her juices. They shine up at me as the light hits them. I lick my lips when I see the wetness! I bend down and begin to lick around her smooth, soft, hot, wet and very ready to /cum/cum-pussy/">cum pussy slit. I look up and say:"Now baby now Im going to eat you like never before!" She smiles down at with that sexy smile and I see the magic look in her eyes as she tells me: ":Oh yes, baby! Eat my pussy and make me cum! Make me screams baby!! Eat me good! I love your tongue!