Getting to know the neighbours

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Getting to know the neighbours

Paul and Mike were a married couple in their 30s who moved in next door to me early this year. They are good neighbors and to our mutual delight we discovered we had a common interest of nudism and had a few evenings of naked relaxation. Paul revealed a fit smooth body apart from a thick bush around his cock which was very impressive indeed. The /first-time/">first time I saw it was a wow moment ? nine /fat/">fat inches of man-meat! Mike was a very lucky man, who was also quite a /guy/sexy-guy/">sexy guy; slimmer, with a beard and a real cub body, trails of fuzz. As a bear it was very easy for me to appreciate his sexiness. We were quite well-behaved other than a few /mutual/mutual-masturbation/">mutual masturbation sessions but nothing more!

One evening as I was sitting in the back garden, nude of course, Mike called hello from their back door. ?Hey there, come on over? I said. Mike came through and I was glad to see him fully naked and smiling. ?How are you Dan?? he asked and I replied all good. ?Paul not with you?? I asked him.

?He?s away for a night, work stuff so all alone? he replied. ?Poor you? I laughed but became aware of some stirring in the groin! ?You want a drink Mike?? I asked and he didn?t refuse a glass of wine. We chatted for a bit and I was trying my best not to get too aroused by his sexy body. He stretched his legs at one point, his balls and cock falling between his thighs and my dick took on a mind of its own, stiffening quickly.

?About time? he said ?I was wondering if the sexy bear would be interested enough!?

I could hardly believe what he was saying but I stood up and my cock was now fully erect. He reached forward and cupped my balls, kissed the tip of my cock and looked up saying ?feed me?. Holding the back of his head I slid my cock into his warm mouth, my thick 7inches filling his mouth, resting my balls on his bearded chin as his tongue lathered my shaft with saliva. He got on his knees and I could see his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock standing proud from his bush. He was greedy for my cock and was an expert sucker?he obviously had lots to practice on with Paul?s cock.

I pushed him back on to the ground, straddling his face, tea-bagging him and then rubbing my hairy arse back and forth across his face. His beard felt so good on my tight /asshole/">asshole. I lifted it for a moment and he breathed out, ?fucking ripe arse Dan? was all he could say before I lowered it on him again. I was facing down his body and leaned over working my way down his stomach trail before nestling my face in his bushy balls and stroking his /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock.

He was solid as a rock and as I sucked his prick I slid a finger between his legs which he spread easily, exposing his fuzzy arse. I eased the finger into his bumhole. Given how big Paul?s cock is, I was surprised to find how tight he felt. He moaned as I probed him and sucked his cock which was leaking a lot of pre. I licked that pre and stretched to reach his furry hole, slobbering a mix of his pre and my saliva.

?Got to fuck this cub hole? I grunted. ?Yes please? Mike almost screamed in response. We stood up and I ordered him to lean over the garden table. He obeyed in indian santali xvideo seconds and I stood behind him, rubbing my cock over his /gorgeous/">gorgeous arse. ?You sure you want this?? I said even as I began to ease my alain lyle porn knob into him. His hole opened easily around my cock and with it soaked in his saliva and a good drop of spit from me, it was very easy to thrust in and out of his /sweet/">sweet furry hole.

The sounds of fucking filled that garden ? balls slapping arse, grunts and groans of both of us as I pounded his arse. He worked his arse muscles to squeeze my shaft and he stroked his cock as I fucked him.

I could feel myself close to cumming with this eager cub on the end of my dick. ?Going to blow my load Mike?, I growled. ?I want you /bear/bear-cum/">bear cum inside me? he begged and that was enough to make me unload with a shuddering orgasm. Within seconds he fired his cum over my garden table, his arse milking my dick as he spattered his load.

I pulled my dick out of his arse, and he stood up, slowly, turning around. We kissed and he smiled. ?That was good Dan, hope it won?t be the last time?.

?Well when is Paul next away?? I asked and we both laughed. It wasn?t the last time?will tell you more soon.